The Zelda Collab!

Starting last November I put together a collab of all the creatures and races within the universe of The Legend of Zelda games! Spanning across Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, and even some Facebook folk, nearly 250 different artists submitted artwork!

Here is the full size version of all 255 Entries!

And Here is the list of all the artists who contributed!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined, this was a great experience and I got to meet some awesome people through it! You all are awesome!

My entry for Renée Chio’s Color Contest.

Details for the contest HERE.


Here’s all the information you need to know about the zine I’m putting together - We already have some awesome artists on board and I’m really excited to get more submissions and see more amazing artwork from you guys!

Theme: Badass Babes

Deadline: July 28th

What to send: 8.5x11 Illustration…

Eres Fría

Promotional poster I made for the short film ‘Eres Fría,’ along with some stills from the short.

Aside from the poster, I was responsible for directing the film and for the storyboard, as well as fine tuning the final script with the writer, Manlio Perflore.

I was also responsible for writing the film’s musical score.

You can watch the film HERE. (Available in Spanish only)

Score can be heard HERE.

The Brutal Pokémon

My entry for the Twitterdex Collab, Pokémon #319, Sharpedo. 

As I usually do with these, I tried not to stray from the original design, keeping its cartoony appearance mostly intact, while at the same time making it look and feel more or less real.

Higher resolution image here.

Similar Illustrations:

-  The Shadow Pokémon




Bunny Link

My take on Bunny Link, from A Link to the Past.

My interpretation is a bit more monstrous, as opposed to the cute Bunny Link from the game. My intention was to make him look tall and impish, and give him the sad eyes of Deku Link. Finally, I wanted his hands to be crippled, as a justification to why he cannot use his weapons and equipment in this form.

I looked at some Struzan posters for inspiration.



King Dedede

This is one of two illustrations I did for Ashley Davis’s Kirby’s Dream Zine, depicting King Dedede and Escargoon. Since the deadline was extended, I might actually do another King Dedede illustration more in line with Goomba and Yoshi, but that will have to wait for when I’m less busy. I may or may not add more to this one, though, so I will not be submitting it until later.

I will also share the other illustration I did- of which you can see the sneak peek; should be fairly obvious what it is - come October 31.

If you wish to participate, guidelines are here.

My copy of Kirby's Dream Zine arrived, here's a picture of it. You can get yours here.

Kirby's Dream Zine

Trying to get out of an art slump, so I drew Pusheen.


Trying to get out of an art slump, so I drew Pusheen.



I’m Dreaming of a New Zine

A new adorably cute Kirby-inspired zine is here! The Dream Zine is chock full of colorful artwork from 71 artists, all curated by oddlookingbird. In fact, Ashley Davis had these zines for sale recently at TCAF, and she completely sold out! If you weren’t able to snag one then, grab one now~

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy this thing!! Thanks so much to Fangamer for publishing it!

I have a piece in this zine, curated by Ashley Davis. Get it.

Ultimate Chimera
Took about an hour to make.

Ultimate Chimera

Took about an hour to make.

Luigi’s Death Stare

Luigi’s Death Stare






A MASSIVE thank you to each and every artist who participated in the great Mega Woman Gender Swap Collab! 187 entries by several talented, wonderful artists who gave their interpretation, style and efforts into this collage of fantastic interpretations of one of the most famous video game series of all time.

For a listing of every artist who participated: Google Doc

View the Special E-Heroes video dedicated to this collab:

Thank you again everyone, this turned out to be one of the greatest things I’ve hoped for.

Yay!  I was fortunate enough to partake in this massive collaboration - I contributed Gravity Woman, which you can see here - and the end result is entirely too cool for words!

ooh hey im on here.


Here is my submission to God-Zine-La!, which should release near the time of the film.

I didn’t have much time at hand, so I went with a simple, true and tried composition and relied on an analogous palette for the colors. Sometimes limiting yourself can be a good thing.

Higher res.